But I don’t need a dad.

PSA: This is not Laura choosing Carmilla over Danny. This is Laura choosing herself and her own agency over any sort of “but i needs must protect you” bullshit.

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no but can we talk about what actually happened

like on tv shows break up scenes are usually so cheesy and cringe worthy. and then there is this webseries ok that doesn’t use a break up scene for fucking drama or tears or pointless bitching, no

it makes it into something about the characters

laura stood up for herself and this was actually more about what the characters wanted than the cheap drama some writers would’ve inserted there for driving their plot forward.


Can we please appreciate the fact that a small low budget webseries has managed to give a better role model for young girls teaching them to stand up for themselves and speak their mind, to pursue their passions and not let anything get in the way of that, something all the big productions have failed miserably? Laura Hollis is a gift.

Excuse me while I change my orientation to The cast of Carmilla.


Karma’s still not used to Amy being a lesbian