Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Garvis for EW Portraits

Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Garvis for EW Portraits

Maybe we should all be running from Beacon Hills,
running for our lives, as fast as we can.

make me choose
anonymous asked: tyler posey or tyler hoechlin


scott mccall, seventeen years old and taking a town onto his shoulders with strength he doesn’t feel he knows how to use. scott mccall standing up, saying i’m going to save everyone. 

scott mccall who feels every death like a punch in his gut. scott mccall who doesn’t want that to happen to anyone else—friends, stranger, pack, enemy. he’ll bend over backward to keep everyone alive. 

and wouldn’t it be easier, if he’d just sat back? wouldn’t it be easier if he never got himself embroiled in all this, when deaths started happening, bodies started turning up, he just sat back, focused on his schoolwork and let someone else handle it? but he can’t. he can’t. 

so he fights, so he tries, so he gets back up

because he can’t let anyone else get hurt. this is his town. his home. his responsibility. his duty. 


Paily - PLL 5x11 promo stills


Comfort in the moonlight and a happy big brother Derek. I wish we could have Cora back…

For nykyo ♥ based on her fanfic Hermano.

6/10 favorite quotes - Big damn heroes, sir.